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The new TieRite is here! Everything you already love about TieRite along with a brand new arm!

With the patented TieRite™ system, finally there’s a safer way to tie your horse - safer for the horse AND your trailer !

Obviously a spooked or agitated horse is capable of serious damage, to both itself and whatever it’s near. When tied directly to a trailer, the rigid restraint and blind spots can magnify their sense of unease. With a TieRite™ system, a horse can be tied a safe distance away, limiting the risk of pawing or damaging your trailer. With full 360 degree mobility, they’re aware of their surroundings, making for a calmer horse.

• Brand new arm!
Made from the same composite as cargo ship dock arms and the worlds leading resistance exercise equipment.
• Streamline handle design
• Adjustable to 3 heights from the ground,
no climbing necessary
• The exclusive TieRite™ tether gives a horse 360° mobility
• Flexible arm, gives to pressure
• Multiple Safety Break aways!
• Hay bag mount and swivel Turtle Snap™ tether included!
• Registered Patent!

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